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Series - Family Spotlight
The Franklin Theatre presents a series of programs specially programmed to bring families to the theater for an experience they can all enjoy together. Topflight performances by jugglers, magicians, animals and some very big dinosaurs will not only entertain but create experiences that will engage and expand young minds.

Click HERE for more information on our 2020-21 Performing Arts Season.

These artists and ensembles are included in the series:

Mark Nizer 4D Theatre

Saturday, 9/11/2021 3:00pm
Saturday, 9/11/2021 8:00pm

Cirque-tacular's Spooktacular

Friday, 10/29/2021 8:00pm
Saturday, 10/30/2021 2:00pm
Saturday, 10/30/2021 8:00pm

Erth's Dinosaur Zoo Live!

Saturday, 3/12/2022 2:00pm
Saturday, 3/13/2022 8:00pm
Sunday, 3/12/2022 8:00pm

Dinosaur Zoo Live! VIP Experience: $25 optional add-on

SNAP - Contemporary.Mystery.Performance

Friday, 5/6/2022 8:00pm
Saturday, 5/7/2022 2:00pm
Saturday, 5/7/2022 8:00pm

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