Christmas with Patrick Thomas


Franklin Theatre Mon, Dec 6, 2021 7:00 PM
Event Type
Live Performance:Music

A multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and powerful vocalist, Patrick Thomas has spent 20 years crafting a sound that can only be described as uniquely his own. From a musical family, Patrick grew up wowing audiences with his ability to instantly play a song on the piano after just one listen. 

While attending Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Thomas was selected to perform on the inaugural season of NBC’s The Voice.  Making it all the way to the live semi-finals, his Nashville career began to take off.  He quickly signed a publishing and artist development deal with Grammy Award-winning songwriter, Brett James, penning over 200 songs in his first year.  Exploring a variety of styles from musical theatre, (he composed a musical entitled The Battle of Franklin that would break box office records for the premiering theatre), to pop, R&B, and country, he eventually began work on a debut album with another Grammy Award winner, producer Mark Bright.  In 2017 his self-titled debut EP was released.  Meanwhile, Thomas was busy touring the country with Broadway vocalist Rachel Potter, co-starring in Country Legends, a concert-style musical revue of country music through the ages designed specifically for symphony orchestras. The show toured for over five years, appearing with orchestras from Alaska to Hawaii and everywhere in between.

Thomas, often recognized for his ability to adapt and improvise regardless of genre, returned to the national spotlight when Nashville hosted the 2019 NFL Draft. As each player was selected, he wrote and performed thirty-second “jingles”, live for CBS, each tailored to the specific athlete and team. 

He is currently working on a new ‘Sinatra meets Singer/Songwriter’ project scheduled for release within the next year. He is also preparing to perform as Paul Simon in the US/Canada tour of “The Simon and Garfunkel Story.”  For booking information and links to music and social media please visit