She Sings


Franklin Theatre Thu, Oct 27, 2022 7:00 PM
Event Info
Doors Open:1 Hour Before Show
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Live Performance:Music


She Sings™: Rebecca Magnuson is a soaring one-woman musical that has premiered to sold out audiences across the U.S., from off-Broadway to Los Angeles, and most recently in Cannes, France.  The show is also a 5- Part Limited Series Documentary, in its final stages of filming, with parts of this performance being in the finale for Episode 5. She Sings™ tells the riveting story of one woman’s, and millions of other women’s, struggle to escape physical, mental and financial abuse, develop a profound inner strength, and find her own voice - which is why today - She Sings™!  


Rebecca Magnuson Is not only an accomplished concert pianist, singer-songwriter and playwright, but she also contracted with Amazon for three years, running a successful, top 10% worldwide Amazon rated logistics company. Many of her drivers were women, some of whom were living in safe houses. This performance will also benefit Thistle Farms, Nashville. For more information about the mission of She Sings™, and to view healing, educational and empowering music videos please visit  At the end of the show, join Rebecca on stage, or at your seat, to sing the inspiring anthem for people everywhere - She Sings™! 


* Because the performance is a live filming you give permission to use your image in the documentary and any other promotional materials by attending.