NPT's Minnie Pearl: Facing the Laughter Documentary Preview Screening and Q&A


Franklin Theatre Sun, Mar 26 3:00 PM
Doors Open:1 Hour Before Show
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Doors Open:1 Hour Before Show
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Facing the Laughter: Minnie Pearl is a full-length documentary about the life and work of Sarah Cannon, aka Minnie Pearl. Sarah was a serious, educated woman who had once dreamed of becoming a Shakespearean actress, but she found fame playing a simple country girl who often made herself the butt of her jokes. Instantly identifiable – even in silhouette – by her straw hat with a price tag dangling from its brim, Minnie Pearl became an icon of country music radio, stage and TV. When she greeted audiences, they enthusiastically echoed her signature “Howdee” in a happy roar. While Sarah and Minnie were two sides of a coin, they share a legacy of compassion, empowerment and humor.


This preview screening includes a Q&A with the filmmaker Barb Hall, Minnie Pearls’ long-time manager JoAnn Berry, and some special guests!