Last Out: Elegy of a Green Beret, Presented by Gary Sinise Foundation


Franklin Theatre Fri, Aug 25 7:00 PM
Franklin Theatre Sat, Aug 26 1:00 PM
Franklin Theatre Sat, Aug 26 7:00 PM
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Doors Open:1 Hour Before Show


Tickets are FREE to Veterans, Active Duty, their families, and the families of our fallen heroes

Army Green Beret Danny Patton is a modern-day warrior fighting battles that range from tribal Afghanistan to his own living room. As the corrosive gears of war begin to rip apart his family, his integrity, and his soul, Danny is thrust into his final, eternal mission. On the other side, with Valhalla beckoning, he discovers that combat can be fueled by vengeance or by love…it just depends which price you are willing to pay. You’ve heard the war stories of the “first in.” This is the untold true story of the last out.

After each Last Out production, there is a talk back: a very special conversation that takes place between the audience, the Last Out cast, and a representative from the Gary Sinise Foundation. Last Out: Elegy of a Green Beret, and the talk back that follows, is an opportunity for the audience and the cast members to connect, to validate the service of those who’ve fought for our freedom, and to recognize the struggles of the military family. Last Out provides an opportunity for deeper reflection and opens a dialogue that helps bridge the military – civilian gap and honor our Families of the Fallen.