The Exotics - 50th Anniversary Celebration - SOLD OUT!


Franklin Theatre Sat, Jul 26, 2014 8:00 PM
$20 • $30
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Doors Open:7:00pm


Mention The Exotics to many Franklin, Nashville and Middle Tennessee natives who were coming of age in the '60s and early '70s and they immediately recall good times at high school dances, outdoor driveway "combos" at a friend's house, summer pool parties at Willow Plunge and college fraternity and sorority events.
The original Exotics were friends from Franklin and Columbia Tennessee, three of whom attended Battle Ground Academy. When paired with the Spidels, four Nashville soul singers who performed sets backed by the Exotics, it became a not-to-miss happening, The Exotics were known throughout the Southeast and, in addition to dances, performed half time shows in venues from Neyland Stadium, Vanderbilt Stadium and even in the old Sugar Bowl Stadium in New Orleans.

Three of the original four Exotics are still together and are beginning to play again following the death of Billy Adair who started the band 50 years ago. The fun and joy of the music from this era is hard to ignore so the band is moving forward to continue its legacy. Prioir to Billy's death, he, along with Jeff Cook, Glenn Crowell, and Loy Hardcastle played together on a dozen gigs a year, along with Robert Early and Steve Smartt, who joined The Exotics horn section in the late '60s. Recent gigs have found them at wedding receptions, school reunions, birthday parties, anniversaries, and street festivals. Among the more popular appearances have been club dates at the Mercy Lounge on a double bill with their friends in another Nashville '60s band, The Charades. Wherever The Exotics play it's a time to "party with everybody you ever knew" and the dance floor is always crowded.

Proceeds from this event will benefit The Billy Adair Fund for Jazz. To donate to the Billy Adair Fund Click Here