Event Information
Getting into the Civil War: Through Music, Film, and Discussion
Saturday, Oct 14, 2023 11:30 AM
1st Event Schedule:

11:30am - Introduction: Robert Lee Hodge - 15 minutes

11:45am - Music: Fiddle and Banjo by Brent Feito - 20 minutes

12:05pm - Discussion: Film and History by Robert Lee Hodge - 30 minutes

12:35pm - Film: The Battle of Perryville! - 75 minutes

1:50pm - Break (if you plan on attending the 2nd Event) - 1 hour and 10 minutes

Event Pricing
Admission Admission - $25.00
Admission Double Feature Admission (11:30am + 3pm) - $45.00
Admission Double Feature Admission (11:30AM + 6:25PM) - $45.00
Admission Triple Feature Admission - $60.00

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One-third of the ticket sales will go toward battlefield land protection at Franklin.

First Event: “The Battle of Perryville!

Come see the expanded version of the documentary film commissioned by the Commonwealth of Kentucky! Only the second time ever this Telly Award Winner has been shown on the big screen!  


Praise for the Battle of Perryville film:  


“As someone who has written about the battle, I highly recommend this film. In both production values and coverage, it is a cut above the usual run of Civil War battle films, and well worth owning.” – Kenneth Noe, leading scholar, and author on Perryville 


“This work is not just acceptable, it is exceptional. ?It exceeds my wildest expectations. ?I am proud to show this wonderful work in my museum."  -- Kurt Holman, Historian for Perryville State Historic Site 


Also, there will be authentic, period banjo and fiddle music provided by native Virginia artist and historian Brent Feito, who has played with the likes of Chance McCoy and J.P. Harris. Additionally, there will be a discussion with Robert Lee Hodge on film and history. 


First Event Schedule: 

11:30am – Introduction: Robert Lee Hodge – 15 minutes 

11:45am – Music: Fiddle and Banjo by Brent Feito – 20 minutes 

12:05pm – Discussion: Film and History by Robert Lee Hodge – 30 minutes 

12:35pm – Film:  The Battle of Perryville! – 75 minutes 

1:50pm – Break (if you plan on attending the 2nd Event) – 1 hour and 10 minutes 



2nd Event: “The Battle of Spotsylvania!” 

The first time ever shown on the big screen! The third costliest battle in the American Civil War was the 1864 Virgina bloodbath of Spotsylvania Court House – a largely forgotten battle. Learn about the first heavyweight fight between Grant and Lee as they struggled for two weeks in Spotsylvania. This area suffered 110,000 casualties in 18-months where 750,000 fought Scholars and buffs have praised this film: 


“This video combines creative filming with an eye for authenticity and a sense of the vast scale of battle. To distill these virtues from a large reenactment is a real achievement.” —Brian Pohanka, Civil War historian and preservationist  


“…a standard in historical accuracy rarely met by film documentaries…excellent recreations. Very realistic.” —Don Troiani, renowned Civil War artist/painter 


“This excellent DVD documents the battles of the Wilderness and Spotsylvania Courthouse, VA, May 4–21, 1864. These two battles saw some of the most savage hand-to-hand combat during the Civil War and produced 55,000 Union and Confederate casualties. It also was the first battle between generals Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee. . . period photographs, modern artwork, animated maps, modern footage of the battlefield, and letters and diaries to depict the hardships suffered and heroism displayed by the officers and soldiers of both armies . . .As narrator, Richard Fatherly does an excellent job. The work also contains four extra short programs and a brief overview of historical sites in Spotsylvania County, VA. The overall production quality is very good. This work is recommended for academic and public libraries with a large number of patrons who are Civil War buffs.” -- Stephen L. Hupp, West Virginia Univ. Parkersburg Lib. 


Authentic period brass band music that was heard at Spotsylvania will be played on original instruments. Authentic period banjo and fiddle will be provided by Virginia native, artist, and historian Brent Feito. 


2nd Event Schedule: 

3:00pmMusic: Fiddle on Banjo by Brent Feito – 25 minutes 

3:25pm – Panel Discussion:Memory of The Civil War” -- 30 minutes 

3:55pm – Film: “The Battle of Spotsylvania Court House!” – 45 minutes 

4:45pm Brass Band Music – “Sounds from Spotsylvania” – 25 minutes 

5:10pm – Break (if you plan to attend the 3rd Event) – 1 hour and 20 minutes 



3rd Event: “The Battle of Franklin!” 

Come see the Emmy-Award Winner, “The Battle of Frankin!” Every year this film is played to a sold-out audience, come see why! Experts praise this film! 


Historian, Eric Jacobson said of the documentary, “It is a timeless representation of this important event in our history, and never fails to evoke a multitude of emotions.? From the musical score, to the re-enactment footage, to the careful way in which accounts of the battle are interwoven, the film never lags.? The opening scenes are exceptionally powerful and the conclusion is near perfection.” 


Thomas Cartwright added, “This Emmy award-winning DVD truly does justice to Franklin. The scenes depicted herein are as close as anyone will ever wish to be to that vortex of hell.” 


“Great cinematography! The film very much captures the emotion that I would envision was felt at the battle of Franklin.” —Robert Hicks, author of the New York Times best-seller Widow of the South  


“Brilliant. The reenacting is unparalleled, [it’s the] best Civil War combat on screen.” —Tony Horwitz, Pulitzer-Prize winning author of Confederates in the Attic  


“One of the best—if not the best—documentaries I have seen on a Civil War battle. Not Since Ken Burns’ monumental production, The Civil War, have I seen better.” —Ed Bearss, Chief Historian Emeritus, National Park Service  


"This is an exceptional program for both students and Civil War buffs, worthy to be shelved alongside filmmaker Ken Burns' acclaimed The Civil War.” –Booklist  


"Civil War buffs will swoon over this terrific video; it is recommended for all school, academic and public libraries.” —Library Journal 


“. . .narrated by Richard Fatherly, the video is marked by clear and understandable maps, first-rate historical accuracy, creative cinematography, and excellent recreations of events marking the sad and tragic story of Franklin.” --Lance Herdegen, America’s Civil War Magazine 


“Sounds of the Battle of Franklin” – There will be brass band music played on original instruments to authentic tunes heard in the Battle of Franklin by The Army of Tennessee during their attack, including “Ben Bolt” – this may be the first time this song has been played in Franklin since the battle in 1864! Native Virginia artist and historian Brent Feito will ply period authentic fiddle and banjo, Feito has played with Nashville artists like J.P. Harris and Chance McCoy. There will also be a panel discussion on “Why Preservation Matters”. 


3rd Event Schedule: 

6:30pm – Panel Discussion: “Why Preservation Matters” – 30 minutes 

7:00pm – Music: Banjo and Fiddle from Brent Feito – 20 minutes 

7:20pm – Brass Band Music – “Sounds from the Battle of Franklin” -- 20 minutes 

7:40pm – Film: “The Battle of Franklin!” – 75 minutes 

8:55pm – End 

9:30pm – Doors Close 





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